American Airlines Baggage Policy

Everything to learn about American Airlines Baggage Policy 2024

Travelers somtimes forget to know about the baggage prior to the confirmation of their AA flights. There are many things to know about American Airlines baggage policy. Every passenger must learn everything about the AA baggage policy and fees of AA.

It removes a lot of hassle from your travel. Besides, the airline has set down a separate policy for baggage. The rules are different for domestic and international travel. We will cover all the important points associated with baggage guidelines and more. Move ahead and learn the guidelines of the policy first.

Here are the rules of the baggage policy of AA that you must know.

  • American Airlines permits 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item per passenger for free.
  • The carry-on must not exceed the following weight and size limitations:
  • 45 linear inches (22 x 14 x 9 in) or 115 centimeters (56 x 36 x 23 cm) such as handles and wheels.
  • Adjust under the overhead bin or infront seat of you.
  • The personal items of the passengers have to be of proper size and fit under the seat which is in front of you.
  • The things that will not count towards your carry-on baggage allowance are an umbrella, duty-free items/ jacket/ and diaper bag.
  • It involves other helpful devices such as the wheelchairs/  strollers/ child restraint seats/ walkers/ crutches/ etc.

How many bags are allowed for free in AA economy class?

The airline allows for one carry-on and one personal item onboard in economy class. You need to be aware of the American Airlines baggage policy Economy. It enables you to avoid any hassle and make your journey hassle-free.

Requirements For The Carry-on On American Airlines

  • A soft corner bag of the garments, which should be 51 inches/1430 cm, is allowed as a carry-on item. 
  • Passengers can also carry one sports equipment or musical instrument as a carry-on. However, you need to check the list of items that are allowed onboard on the official website or connect to the customer service team.  
  • The container of the pet is also counted as a personal item when you are traveling with your pet. Sometimes, you may pay the applicable fee for the same. 
  • TSA permits certain duty-free liquids under your carry-on baggage as per the American Airlines carry-on baggage policy. You can pack these items in your bag.

How much are American Airlines baggage fees? 

AA baggage fees may differ as it depends on multiple factors. Besides, the baggage charges are for luggage that must meets to the weight limitations and standard size as follow: 

  • Members with general – $30 (first bag), $40 (second bag)
  • Members with AAdvantage Platinum Pro elite–  First, second, and third bags free
  • Members with AAdvantage Platinum elite – First and second bags free
  • Members with AAdvantage Gold elite – First bag free,  $40 (second bag)
  • Members with AAdvantage Executive Platinum elite – First, second, and third bags free

Note: These rules may change as per your destination. So, you have to read the updated American Airlines baggage policies on its official website before confirming your trip with AA. The baggage fees are non-refundable and depend on person to person. 

When do I pay American Airlines baggage fees? 

Passengers can often pay the AA baggage fee in advance before arriving at the designated airport. The airline allows you to prepay for at least three pieces of baggage online or via mobile app.

This option is available at the time of check-in at least 24 to 4 hours before the departure. 

Pay the baggage fees at the airport check-in counter when the prepay option is not available online or through the mobile app. Ensure that the American Airlines baggage fees are non-refundable. 

Does American Airlines offer a military baggage allowance? 

Yes. AA offers baggage allowance to specified fare types on certain routes. Moreover, the airline permits you to carry three checked baggage for free on the qualified ticket fares on routes.

The approach for AA military personnel can not be missed when you discuss the baggage allowance approach of AA. 

The airline permits complimentary one, two, or three checked baggage to the military personnel traveling with their ID and their family as per the military baggage policy. You can carry based on the selected destination when: 

  • Traveling for personal reasons- up to three bags (50 lbs per bag)
  • Traveling on orders: up to five bags (100 lbs per bag)

How much does American Airlines charge for international bags? 

  • AA international flights do not permit carrying free checked bags in the basic economy cabin according to the American Airlines baggage policy carry-on.
  • You must pay $75 for the checked bag/ $100 to carry the second baggage/ and $200 to carry your third baggage. 
  • The costs are higher than the charges for checked baggage on domestic flights. 
  • Passengers with basic Economy on domestic flights are covered by the baggage policy. It also enables you to check up to 62 inches/158 cm baggage, and the weight is 50lbs/23kg maximum. 
  • The first bag costs $30/ the second bag is for $200/ and the third one is for $150. The airline charges an American Airlines baggage fee of $200 for each bag. 

How to avoid baggage fees on American Airlines? 

There are multiple ways available to avoid baggage fees American Airlines when checking bags: 

Earn Elite Status with American Airlines 

Passengers with American Airlines AAdvantage Elite status can enjoy free checked bags for themself and their travel companions. 

Use American Airlines Credit Card 

You can also check your baggage for free with the selected airline credit cards. Similarly, American Airlines offers co-branded rewards cards through Citi and Barclays. 

Book a Premium Cabin 

American Airlines does not charge any fee to passengers with premium cabin fares. However, you have to pay a baggage fee to check your baggage when you are flying with Economy as per the American Airlines baggage policy. 

Use Travel Cards

Some travel cards offer travel credits to help cover the extra charges when you cannot avoid the checked baggage fees. AA offers multiple varieties of travel cards to its passengers. 


Moreover, you have straightforward rules and policies for your bag with American Airlines baggage policy. AA allows its passengers to carry on and personal items on all kinds of flight tickets.

You must ensure that the baggage fees are valid for these items onboard based on the flight types and the travel classes. Additionally, the baggage rules of the policy are customer-friendly

and fulfill the requirements of the passengers in the best manner. For additional information, you can contact our travel experts or visit the official website of AA.

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