What Happens If I Miss An American Airlines Flight?

What Happens If I Miss An American Airlines Flight?

Unexpected problems are part of life that sometimes need us to make modifications in plans. It applies to flight booking too. So, are you worried about your missed flight with American Airlines? Then, Understanding policies for American Airlines Missed Flight can help you. Using that you can gain knowledge of possible alternatives when you fail to catch the flight. 

Further, American Airlines saves you from losing the value of your ticket. Therefore, it rebook you on another flight for no additional charges or provide you a refund in some situations. If you want to learn more, the information below will give you complete insight. 

American Airlines Missed Flight Policy - Important Highlights 

Have you missed your AA flight and are wondering what to do next? Go through the American Airlines missed flight policy before you look for possible options. 

No-Show Policy: American Airlines considers you a no-show when 

  • You forget to report the airline about your missed flight and 
  • You do not come to the airport
  • In this case, the airline does not refund a single rupee. 

15 Minutes Rebooking Policy: Under this, the airline gives you the flexibility to book another flight for no cost. However, it is possible only when you reach the airport under 15 minutes of departure.  

Standby Flight Policy: When you reach the airport 15 minutes beyond departure but not later than 2 hours, then you will get the American Airlines standby missed flight option. The airline can put your name on the standby list for upcoming flight. And the airline does not charge a fee for it. 

AAdvantage Elite Status: American Airlines may not allow you on standby flights if you finished checking in your baggage. Only when you have AAdvantage elite status, you get your name in the standby list.

Fare Difference: Passengers need to pay for the fare difference, if any. However, if the new fares are less, then American Airlines issues the travel credit for the difference. 

What to Do If I Miss My American Airlines Flight?

If you fail to catch your flight on AA, then you should inform the airline immediately. However, if you are still thinking, “how to tell American Airlines I Missed My Flight?” then check out the points below. 

Contact American Airlines Customer Service Missed Flight

  • First, you should dial the American Airlines phone number once you are aware of missing the flight. 
  • Then, a representative will connect with you.
  • You can tell him to rebook you on another flight. 

Visit the Help Desk at Airport

If you are present at the airport and did not catch the flight then visit the AA help desk. The agent will rebook you on next flight if seats are available . 

Does American Airlines Allow Rebooking A Flight?

Are you wondering if I miss my flight, can I reschedule American Airlines? The answer is yes. You just need to follow the step by step guide below:

  • Visit American Airlines official web page.
  • Further, provide the travel information such as date, destinations, passengers, etc. 
  • Then, tap on “ Search.” 
  • A number of flight options will come
  • Choose one of them for rebooking 
  • Further, provide the passenger information
  • At last, make payment.
  • Wait for the booking confirmation from the airline.

How Do I Contact American Airlines to Rebook A Flight?

Reach out to customer service at American Airlines missed flight phone number( 800-433-7300) if you find rebooking through the website difficult.

Do I Need to Pay A Fee for Missed Flight on American Airlines?

Yes. you need to pay a missed flight fee depending on the factors such as,

  • Flight route 
  • Travel destination

Accordingly, you need to pay American Airlines missed flight fee, which is equal to 

  • $75 for domestic flights
  • $500 for international flights.

However, you can skip the above charges when you missed your flight because of flight delay or airline mistake. The above charges can change with time according to airline policies. Therefore, visit the AA website for the latest information. 

What Happens If I Have An American Airlines Missed Connecting Flight?

When your missed connecting flight due to delay American Airlines, you do not need to take least worry. The airline does its best to let you reach the destination in time. Therefore, American Airlines takes care of meals, accommodation, and other expenses.

However, if you have two connecting flights booked with different airlines, then American Airlines will not take the responsibility. Suppose the other airline flight is late resulting in AA missed flight  then you will be responsible for the consequences. 

Further, airline can cancel all the flights in a reservation for no-show. 

How to Get A Refund on American Airlines Missed Flight?

The process for refund on American Airlines is simple. However, whether or not you will get an American Airlines missed flight refund differs with the situation:

  • You can expect a refund from the airline when missing flight is because of an airline mistake.
  • However, you need to apply for refund, 24 hours of missing your flight. 
  • Similarly, airline does not refund you any amount in case of no-show.
  • However, if you are no-show because of medical or any other emergency then you can expect a refund from the airline. 

American Airlines Missed Flight Compensation

American Airlines is not accountable to compensate as per the notification of DOT for 

  • Delayed 
  • Canceled flights

But you can ask for compensation missed flight is because of airline overbooked the flight.

In addition to that, you can expect compensation from American Airlines 
When you reach your destination more than three hours late because of missed connecting flight. 

Also, you can avail some more facilities on reaching airport. 


So, you can stay stress free if you have missed your American Airlines flight for valid reasons. Above information on American Airlines missed flight will help you know about the possible options. The airline can provide rebooking on upcoming flights or refund on completing eligibility requirements. If you still need help then talk to an American Airlines representative. 

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